Familiarity Breeds Content — 6 Comments

  1. What an excellent challenge … acknowledge the past, learning in the present, growing for the future.

    • Thanks Maree. It’s often the hardest thing to do when we have been in/around schools our whole lives. It has to happen, however, if we wqnt to connect to ALL learners today.

  2. Excellent Tom. Thank you. I have decided to jump into standards based grading this year with both feet, largely due to what I learned from you and others at the First Institute the last 2 summers in my district, West Aurora. It’ll be a little wonky at first I’m sure but after much thought, it will be a system that reflects the teacher I want to be. I look forward to to reading more from you as I enter uncharted waters!

    • Thanks Jennifer. I appreciate the feedback and am always willing to assist as the journey continues.

  3. The challenge is to determine what is and is not working to support our students and to have the courage to take risks and change. Thank you for a great post, Tom and for always focusing on what is best for kids!

    • Thanks Karen. Definitely educators need to be courageous and especially when challenging longstanding traditions. All must mean ALL.