Dis-connect To Connect — 1 Comment

  1. Interesting comment, Tom. My sentiments exactly. In fact, I see the same thing in my own family. No one calls, everyone just posts “a fact”, an “opinion”, an image, to the world at large or so-called “friends” and considers themselves to have communicated. A telephone seems to be only for leaving further “voice mails” which may or may not be answered in time for the call’s purpose to be effectively met. It’s a one-way world. Why should anyone greet you on your runs? They are in their own heads. Sure beats having to make eye contact. awkward? yes. catch word of the day. No one needs to know how you are doing. If you wanted them to know you would have posted it, right? Silence is golden… or is it? Thanks for the like-minded blog, and here’s to unpluggedness. How are you doing, by the way?