Variables NOT Excuses — 2 Comments

  1. Tom, this post reminds me SO much of the power of a youtube video with Dr. Calvin Mackie. It’s entitled “From Remedial Reading to PhD.” It’s quite long, but it is truly inspirational. In 25 years of teaching I’ve come to the clear understanding that just about ANYTHING is possible. The relationships we form with our students and their parents are SO powerful and should be nurtured. They are KEY in the work that we do. I love the way you’ve expressed “Let’s keep the clarity around these variables and stay clear of rallying around the excuses … no matter how significant they may appear to be.” I have been inspired, so many times, by what is possible when someone believes in you. Thinking about all the reasons “why” rather than “why not” should be our guiding mantras! You are right, teaching IS a challenging profession. I could not imagine “being” anything else! I feel blessed to learn alongside the students I greet each and every day. Are they all at the same spot with all their individual variables? Nope. Will they all be university bound? Probably not. But, each and every single one of them has a gift … a genius … to share with the world! Finding that, helping them to understand themselves as learners, and celebrating who they are as people is the MAGICAL part of the work that we do! Together we ARE stronger and we CAN make a difference! Great post, Tom. Laurie 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie. My motto over the last few years is simple: “every student is a success story waiting to be told” and it’s our joy to be able to help them tell and share their story.