Tears and Triumphs — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Tom,
    Great post. Thanks for sharing your story with us. It surely is great when people, who share a similar experience, can tell their story to you after you have shared with them. The ability to share must, indeed, play a major part in the healing process.

  2. Thanks Brian. I think you are right in the notion that sharing/telling your story does promote healing and works to eliminate any feelings of isolation. I feel fortunate to have had the conversations I had during my visit. Keep in touch.

  3. Tom,
    This is an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing your incredible work! My daughter (Maya) is learning about Canada right now in her 6th grade social studies class in Georgia. We were just talking about Nunavut last night as she was studying for a test today. The stories make it so much more real and meaningful!

    Be well,

    • Thanks Nicole. Great to hear that Maya is learning about such an amazing place. I hope it inspires her to plan a trip there one day as the people are incredible.